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Neighborhood Services

  1. Christmas Lighting Contest Nomination Form

    Keep NRH Beautiful annually recognizes residents for beautifully decorating the outside of their homes during the holiday season.... More…

  2. Neighborhood Initiative Program Volunteer Registration Form
  1. Neighborhood Initiative Program Donations
  2. Trash Bash Volunteer Registration

Parks & Recreation

  1. Cultural Arts Donations
  2. NRH Sports Field Practice Reservation Request Form

    North Richland Hills Parks and Recreation Department coordinates all sports field usage located in NRH parks. Whether you are looking... More…

  1. NRH Parks and Recreation Volunteer Form

    If you would like to volunteer at any of the multiple volunteer opportunities for NRH Parks and Recreation, fill out the form below and... More…


  1. Draft Land Use and Transportation Plans - Public Comment Form

    Used to capture comments related to the Draft Land Use and Transportation Plans.

  1. Strategic Planning Updates


  1. Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Request

    As of October 7, 2010 ACH payments were implemented to ensure invoices are paid in a timely manner which has resulted in physical... More…

  2. Non-Bidding Vendor Registration Form

    This form is used by vendors expecting payment from the city for products or services rendered but are not actively seeking to be part... More…

  1. New Vendor Form - Bidding Vendors

    Complete the information below and select the appropriate commodity or classification codes for the items, materials or services your... More…

  2. Submit a W-9

    The City of North Richland Hills requests that Vendors doing business with the City update their W-9 on file annually or as information... More…