Is overnight parking allowed at the stations?

Trinity Metro allows up to 20-hour free parking at the TEXRail stations in North Richland Hills.

Beginning Aug. 15, 2022, TEXRail is offering long-term paid parking at five stations, including Smithfield Station and Iron Horse Station in North Richland Hills. Each station will feature 20 long-term designated spots, marked with corresponding signage costing only $5 per night. Customers will be able to make reservations and payments within the Ace Parking app available in Apple and Google Play app stores. For commuters and day trippers, free parking will continue to be available for up to 20 hours per trip. Please view TEXRail's parking FAQs and contact Trinity Metro if you have additional questions.

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1. Where are NRH stations located and how many parking spaces do they have?
2. Is overnight parking allowed at the stations?
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21. I have additional questions. Where can I get more information?