Is the City funding any of this project? 

The City is not providing any funding for this project. Merlin Entertainments will receive a rebate on a portion of any increase in property taxes and sales taxes produced by the theme park. If the business does not produce an increase in property or sales tax revenue, they receive no rebate. Even after the rebate, it’s estimated the theme park will generate a greater tax base than a retail shopping center with a grocery store, twice the tax base of a new single-family neighborhood on the same amount of acreage, or four times the tax base of an office complex. All of these comparisons are after any rebates.

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1. Where will Peppa Pig Theme Park be located? 
2. How many rides/shows/attractions will Peppa Pig Theme Park have?
3. Who will operate the park?
4. When will Peppa Pig Theme Park open? 
5. Why not renovate and update Mountasia Family Fun Center, or put in something that can be enjoyed by everyone? 
6. Why did Merlin Entertainments choose this location?
7. Can this area accommodate the traffic? Will this section of Boulevard 26 be improved? 
8. Will there be enough parking? 
9. Why were no public hearings held about this project? 
10. How does this benefit our community? 
11. Is the City funding any of this project? 
12. How do I apply to work at Peppa Pig Theme Park?