How much water does my sprinkler system use? 

The amount of water irrigation systems use depends on a lot of factors including the number of and type of sprinkler heads the system has, and the amount of minutes that they are on. The only way to know for sure how much water you are putting on your lawn is to read your water meter. 

1. Open your meter box lid and take a picture of the dial prior to starting irrigation. 

2. Run your irrigation system for the amount of time you normally do. 

3. Once your irrigation cycles are completed, take another picture of the dial. 

4. Subtract the first reading from the second reading to calculate the amount of water used. This is how many cubic feet of water are going through your irrigation system for one watering. Multiply the amount by 7.48 to convert the amount of water used to gallons. 

5. Multiply by the number of days to you water your lawn each month to see how much your irrigation system use is adding to your monthly water bill. 

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