What type of development is planned around the NRH stations?

The City of North Richland Hills has established “Transit Oriented Development” (TOD) districts around both station locations to allow mixed use development that will be accessed by the transit stop in a walkable environment.

Developments in the Smithfield area include:

  • A 90 lot townhome and patio home development by Our Country Homes called Smithfield Villas. Construction of this development is about 50% complete. 
  • A 177 lot townhome and patio home development called Urban Trails. Construction by Our Country Homes & Windsor Homes is expected to begin in late 2018 / early 2019.

Developments in the Iron Horse area include: 

  • A 160 lot townhome and patio home development called Iron Horse Commons. Lots are currently being developed by Our Country Homes and CB Jeni.
  • Two mixed use projects representing 15,000 square feet of commercial alongside 600 multifamily units by The Wolff Company & Right Quest LLC. Construction is anticipated to start in late 2018 / early 2019. 

Given the limited amount of vacant land remaining in NRH and the continued desirability and attractiveness of our community, the Iron Horse and Smithfield areas would have developed in one form or another even without TEXRail. The rail station provides an opportunity for more efficient, higher quality and higher value development in these areas.

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