When was the Gas Well Drilling & Production Ordinance adopted?
The City Council adopted Chapter 104, Gas Well Drilling & Production, to the City Code of Ordinance on November 14, 2005 after several months of research and review by City staff and the Planning & Zoning Commission. In preparing the ordinance, City staff reviewed ordinances from other area cities and received input from several individuals and organizations including an outside expert attorney, two drilling companies, the Fort Worth Gas Inspector, the Railroad Commission, the University of North Texas and Texas A&M University. The ordinance was discussed at Planning & Zoning Commission work sessions in September and October 2006 and public hearings were held during the October 20, 2006 Planning & Zoning Commission and the November 14, 2006 City Council Meeting. A revision to Chapter 104 was adopted on July 23, 2007 following several work sessions by City Council. The revision included updated technology in drilling and specific regulations for gas pipeline installation were added. The latest change to the ordinance occurred on November 12, 2007 with the addition of a Special Use Permit required for all drilling on non-residential properties within the City.

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