How are restaurants scored?
Each food facility is inspected and scored on a demerit/point system based on the type of violation the inspector witnesses. Each violation is reported as a "critical" or "non-critical" violation. Inspection scores can range from 0 to 100 demerits.

• 0 demerits = perfect score
• 10 demerits = meets expectation and no critical violations
• 15 demerits = satisfactory inspection score with no critical violations
• 25 demerits = requires a re-inspection of the establishment
• 30 demerits or more = indicates serious conditions

State law indicates that when total demerits exceed 30, "the establishment shall initiate immediate corrective action on all identified critical violations, and shall initiate corrective action on all other violations within 48 hours." Depending on the severity of the violations, immediate closure may be warranted.

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1. How are restaurants scored?
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