How are restaurants scored?

It is important to remember that scores represent only a snapshot of the facility at the time the inspector arrived. The conditions could be better or worse while an inspector is not present. Starting in January 2023, inspections are scored on a range from 100 to 0. A score of "100" indicates no points off due to food safety violations and is a perfect score. Lower scores indicate that more food safety violations at the time of inspection. The inspector makes every effort to correct violations while they are on site, and gives the operator a deadline to fix any items that couldn't be fixed immediately. 

Inspections prior to January 2023 used a different scoring method where "0" was a perfect score and demerits were issued for each food safety violation. Under the prior method, a low score meant few violations were found, while a higher score meant more violations were found. 

If you have questions about food safety inspection scores or how to evaluate scores, please contact your Consumer Health Inspector at or 817-427-6650

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1. How are restaurants scored?
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