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The City Council has adopted local amendments to the National Electric Code (
Code of Ordinances Sec.98-233), including a requirement for door alarms on all exterior openings that provide access to a swimming pool, spa or hot tub. It specifies that:

1) Alarms must be installed on all doors with direct access to a pool, spa or hot tub area.

2) Alarms must sound within 7 seconds after the door is opened.

3) Alarms must be capable of creating an audible notification that is at least 85 dBA at the source and must be audible throughout the house.

4) Alarms must be installed at least 54 inches above the floor and be mounted to the door/wall so that it cannot be easily removed.

5) Alarms must have a manual means to temporarily deactivate for a single opening.

6) In existing homes, alarms can be battery powered or connected to the permanent electrical wiring system. New homes constructed after July 1, 2016 must have alarms that are permanently connected to the building’s electrical wiring system.

7) In new homes constructed after July 1, 2016, exit doors which may be capable of providing access to a future swimming pool, hot-tub or spa must be pre-wired to the electrical system to accommodate the installation of a hardwired door alarm. This will require all new homes to have a junction box with an appropriately capped electrical power conductor to be installed at all rear exit doors (54 inches above the floor).

8) An additional “Pre-Plaster/Safety Inspection” is required for all pool/spa construction projects. In order to pass this inspection, all door alarms, permanent fencing, and self-closing gates must be installed and found to function properly.

door alarm
Typical door alarm for swimming pool.

Water Safety Videos

Please note that all swimming pools (in-ground and above-ground), hot tub and spa owners must also sign the permit application submitted with the construction documents and confirm that they have viewed one or more of the following water safety videos:

Video #1   NRH WS365 Paxton's Story

Video #2   Pool Safely

Video#3   Jump In! Get the Facts on Water Safety

Visit the NRH Water Safety 365 website for more safety information.

Permit Application & Materials

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