R-SPIRIT Core Values Program

The R-SPIRIT Core Values Program establishes the characteristics that the City Council and all city employees adhere to. Our Core Values are:


When you experience service from the City of North Richland Hills that you feel is worthy of commendation, we would like to hear about it: 
Employee Recognition Form

NRH employees are recognized for incorporating our core values into their daily activities with "On-the-Spot Awards," which are presented throughout the year by directors and supervisors. Employees may also be recognized by City Management during our quarterly Employee Recognition Event.

Annual R-SPIRIT Employee of the Year Award 

  • Recipient: Kori Tolfa - Library
  • Finalist: Sarah Green - Parks & Recreation Department
  • Finalist: Susan Gibson - Public Works
  • Finalist: Candice Simmons - Neighborhood Services

Recently Recognized Employees


  • Budget - Robert Myers
  • Communications - Mary Peters
  • Facilities & Construction - Chris Amarante
  • Finance - Mark Mills
  • IT - Bob Weakley, Amy Stephens, Bryant Harvey, Ty Sonnamaker
  • Library - Peggy Hoffpauir Lewis, Courtney Kincaid, Kandra Gibbs, Silvia Cordell, Johana Orellana, Kori Tolfa, Monica Phillips
  • Neighborhood Services - Stefanie Martinez, Kristin James, Candice Simmons, Brian Thomas, Debbie Heizer
  • Parks & Recreation - Daniel Munter, James Fowler, Rob Pershing, Adrien Pekurney, Vickie Loftice
  • Police - Jeff Williams, Don Buehrer
  • Public Works Department - Caroline Waggoner, Tuan Ngo, Maria Lindsey, David Nichols, Wayne Estep, Miguel Medrano, Randy Vastine, Terry Wreay, John Bitner, Dwayne Dornquast, Connor Bilon, Ramses Cano, Tommy Shelby, Joel Anzaldua, Felisiano Yanes, Jose Meza, Jesse Byrd, Chris Turner, Chris Talley, John Thorpe
Congratulations to these individuals!
2020 RSPIRIT Finalists