Art in Public Spaces

The City of North Richland Hills inaugurated the Art in Public Spaces Program in 2002. By integrating art into daily life, the program beautifies public areas, improves our quality of life and creates a distinctive identity for our community.

Electronic Billboard Art Exhibition

Artwork by NRH Residents Featured on Electronic Billboards


North Richland Hills brings recognition to its thriving art community with an innovative Clear Channel electronic billboard art exhibition 

Commuters driving along the Loop 820 corridor may notice some artwork interspersed with advertising on electronic billboards in the next few weeks. The City of North Richland Hills ­­has implemented a new electronic billboard program that encourages and supports creativity in our community. The billboards will run at various locations during July 1 - August 31, 2022 at no cost to residents.

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Permanent Collection

The City has 22 artworks in its Permanent Collection for residents and visitors to enjoy. The murals, paintings, installations and sculptures by outstanding nationally-renowned artists are located in parks, rail stations and public buildings throughout our City. They include a wide variety of mediums and materials, from oil paintings and mosaics to metal and stone sculptures. Four works, including Joe Barrington's "Armadillo," Jim LaPaso's "Passion Flower,"  Buster Graybill's "Integrity" and Delbert Beckham's "Flower Log" have been removed from Bedford Euless Parkway to allow for street construction. Please refer to the locator map to find these and the many other wonderful works in the NRH Art in Public Spaces Collection.

Photo Gallery 
Locator Map

New NRH Public Art Installed at Smithfield and Iron Horse TEXRail Stations

Visiting both the past and the future of North Richland Hills, artists Rebecca Zook and Pam Summers have created unique and beautiful visuals on acrylic paneling placed within the NRH TEXRail station passenger waiting enclosures.

The work of two outstanding North Texas artists are now on permanent display at North Richland Hills’ Smithfield and Iron Horse TEXRail commuter stations. Artists Rebecca Zook and Pamela Summers were commissioned by TEXRail to create eight works each to adorn wind guard panels in the passenger waiting enclosures located along the rail lines. The art was printed onto acrylic sheeting which has been mounted onto the metal frame of the seating structures. Saturated with bright colors that catch light and cast colorful shadows, the translucent paneling reflects contrasting styles that match the individual design of each station. The City of North Richland Hills worked in collaboration with TEXRail and Fort Worth Public Art to select both gifted artists, who are recognized for their exceptional talent within the North Texas creative community.

Artist Rebecca Zook’s project, designed specifically for the Smithfield Station, presents a detailed history of the Zion-Smithfield-North Richland Hills area. The installation, which Ms. Zook has entitled “Our Story” has combined 8 paintings with historic annotations that complement the station’s traditional-style architecture. “My goal was to create a dynamic, attractive and engaging display that not only told a story of the past,” she says, “but also highlighted the best features of North Richland Hills today through both visuals and text.”  By conducting extensive research and writing informative paragraphs complemented by engaging and illustrative art, Ms. Zook has produced a remarkable timeline of our City and the people who contributed to establishing the vibrant and growing community that North Richland Hills is today. 

Pamela Summers is widely recognized for her functional and decorative ceramics and vibrant paintings that feature bold, geometric patterns with vivid colors. Ms. Summers’ crisp, modern compositions are a perfect fit for TEXRail’s Iron Horse Station, with its contemporary architecture and forward-feeling ambience. Her work, titled “Origins,” stands as a paired homage to state-of-the-art commuter rail transportation and the rich agricultural history of North Richland Hills. Within each panel she has designed bold, colorful strokes representing both rail lines and furrows made by a farmer’s plow.  “Furrows and railroad tracks are similar and visually relate to one another,” says Ms. Summers, “they both follow the contour of the land and enjoy a symbiotic relationship.” 

The Smithfield and Iron Horse TEXRail stations are open seven days a week and commuters and visitors are encouraged to view and enjoy the latest works in the NRH Art in Public Spaces Program. For more information, please contact us at 817-427-6620 or by email.

Smithfield Station art panel

Iron Horse Station art panel

NRH Signal Art Program         

The NRH Signal Art Program was implemented in 2007 to enhance the City’s Art in Public Spaces Program. The nationally recognized program coordinates with established professional artists who design original artwork for traffic signal boxes located throughout the city. The popular "Hollywood Cowboys," installed in 2013, were replaced throughout 2016-2017 with "Music Legends." Be on the lookout as you commute through NRH for portraits of legendary performers from all genres of music!

Signal Art Locator Map

Donations Fund

The city has established a Donations Fund to help pay for the Art in Public Spaces Program. If you are interested in contributing to this fund, we offer 3 convenient options:

  • Donate Online - Visa, MasterCard and Discover are accepted. Transactions are processed through PayPal.
  • Mail check to NRH Parks & Recreation Department, 4301 City Point Drive, North Richland Hills, TX 76180. Please note on check that it is a donation for the art program.
  • Make a donation in person - Cash, check and credit card donations are accepted in person at the Parks & Recreation Department located on the third floor of City Hall at 4301 City Point Drive.

More Information

If you would like more information about the Art in Public Spaces Program, please contact us at 817-427-6620 or by email.