Public & Semi-Public Aquatic Facilities

2023 Preseason Aquatic Facilities Safety Class

At least one person from each facility is required to attend the annual preseason aquatic facilities safety class.  
Click here to go to the 2023 preseason aquatic facilities safety class.

Inspections and Regulations

 The City of North Richland Hills inspects all apartments, hotel, motel, health club, and other public and semi-public pools and spas to ensure compliance with the swimming pool codes.

Certified Pool Operator

Every facility in North Richland Hills with a permitted aquatic facility must have a registered Certified Pool Operator (CPO) on staff. Please see the links below for information on how to register CPO certification and for a schedule of CPO courses.

Swimming Pool Plan Review

When a public or semi-public aquatic facility is constructed, plans and specifications must be submitted to the city's Building Inspections Division for review and approval by both a health inspector and building inspector. All permitted aquatic facilities must meet the requirements of the Texas Department of State Health Services "Standards for Public Swimming Pools and Spas," "State Standards for Public Interactive Water Features," and all applicable City ordinances and Building Codes.

Resources for Operators