Air Quality

Excessive ozone and air pollution is a threat to our public health and our economy. That is why the city is working with Air North Texas, the North Central Texas Council of Governments and the North Texas Clean Air Coalition to improve air quality in North Texas.

Because every car or truck we drive increases ozone levels, the city continuously looks for ways to decrease vehicle emissions. When older vehicles in the city's fleet are replaced, they are replaced with more fuel efficient and lower emission models. The city has also adopted a vehicle and equipment engine idling policy to reduce operating costs, fuel consumption and emissions due to unnecessary idling.

The city also supports the TEX Rail project, which will bring commuter rail to Northeast Tarrant County.
Current Ozone Level 

current air quality image 

Ozone Color Levels

Learn more about the Air Pollution Watch system and sign up for e-mail notifications of high ozone levels occurring in the region.

Help Improve Air Quality

  • Drive Less - Whenever possible, park your car and walk or ride a bike instead. Walking and cycling is not only good for the environment, it is also good for your health.
  • Share a Ride - Get information about carpool, vanpool and mass transit options on the Try Parking It website.
  • Time Your Mowing - Don't mow your lawn or use gas-powered lawn equipment on Air Pollution Watch days. Lawn care machines produce more pollution than you might think - one hour of operation equals about 50 miles of car driving. Consider electric or hand-powered models.