Storm Water Drainage

North Texas is known for severe weather: flash flooding, hail storms, tornados and the like which keep all of us on our toes. The City of North Richland Hills has an extensive drainage system to capture and carry the storm water to creeks and channels. Because NRH is over 50 years old, there are a variety of systems in place today to handle the City's storm water. From rural bar ditches to new curb and gutter; from concrete-lined channels to tree-lined creeks, the City's storm water finds its way from your yard to ultimately flow into the Trinity River. During periods of heavy rainfall, all of these systems can become overwhelmed, thus slowing the rate that storm water is able to run off residential lots.

Homeowners throughout North Richland Hills, whether within a floodplain or half a mile from the nearest creek, all have to tackle the problem of draining their properties during heavy rain events. Drainage issues can be frustrating, and range from extreme cases where water enters the home to minor cases where property owners experience "soggy" conditions for days after the rain stops. Public Works staff is available to meet with NRH citizens to discuss drainage problems and offer suggestions to handle such problems.

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Report Storm Water Pollution

As rain falls and storm water runoff collects and travels over urban lands it picks up and carries pollutants through municipal storm sewer systems and ultimately in to our streams, lakes, rivers, and other water sources. Help us protect creeks, streams and other waterways by reporting illicit discharges, illegal dumping or any other concerns regarding storm water runoff. Use our online "Report a Concern" form or call the Public Works Department.


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