Volunteer at the Shelter

Volunteers are an essential part of any shelter and the NRH Animal Adoption & Rescue Center is no exception. The investment is minimal and the return is great!

Volunteers Help With

  • Daily Shelter Activities -

    The center sees around 5,000 animals per year. Often these pets need socialization, bathing or just a kind word to warm their hearts. With limited staff and new pets being brought in daily, the need for people to walk dogs, clean cages and even to help with adoptions is ever increasing.
  • Special Events -

    Offsite adoptions and other special events are almost always staffed by volunteers. There is nothing like knowing that you made the difference for that one pet!
  • Warm Hugs on Wheels -

    Volunteers take calm social pets to visit those people who might not be able to care for pets of their own. Often this is the brightest moment of these individuals week. This program is one of the most rewarding opportunities at your shelter. Seeing the interaction between these pets and people is heartwarming to say the least.
Volunteer Orientation
Citizens must attend a Volunteer Orientation and must be 16 or older (Teens age 13-15 can also volunteer with a parent or guardian) to volunteer at the AARC. If you have an interest in volunteering or just need more information please call 817-427-6570.