About Teen Court

In Teen Court, offenders “pay” for their offense through community service and participation in jury duty served at Teen Court rather than pay fines. Cases are heard by other teens, both volunteer teens and offender teens serving jury duty. The jury decides how many community service hours and how many jury duties the offender should receive based on pre-set guidelines.

Teen Court is not a trial court. All juvenile offenders must admit their guilt and agree to accept a sentence given to them by a jury of their peers. A judge is present to oversee the proceedings of Teen Court.

If the offender successfully completes all of his/her Teen Court obligations as ordered, the citation will be dismissed resulting in no conviction. Teen volunteers receive community service credit for their time and service, which can be used to meet school or extra curricular requirements.

Who is eligible for Teen Court?

Students enrolled in a Middle or High School program who is 18 years of age or younger may participate in Teen Court. You may request Teen Court for only one violation per calendar year.

To request to participate in Teen Court for a citation you have received, you must first appear at the Municipal Court in the City in which you were cited. Once you have been approved by the Judge for Teen Court, all other appearances, hearings and/or business will be handled at the Northeast Tarrant Teen Court office.

To find out if your case is eligible for Teen Court, please contact the Municipal Court in the city in which you received your citation:

North Richland Hills Municipal Court
Watauga Municipal Court
Richland Hills Municipal Court