Pretrial motions are governed by Chapter 28, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. These rules augment but do not replace that code.

Filing Pretrial Motions

Pretrial motions shall be filed in writing in all cases. Every pretrial motion shall be accompanied by an order setting the motion for hearing (if a hearing is requested by either party) and an order for the judge’s ruling on said pretrial motion. Failure to file pretrial motions as indicated herein shall constitute a waiver of having those issues heard before trial.

Deadline to File

Unless leave of Court has been granted, all pretrial motions shall be filed at least fourteen (14) days prior to trial.

Serving Opposing Counsel

It shall be the responsibility of the party filing any pretrial motions to serve opposing counsel or party with a copy of the motion within three (3) days of the filing of said motion. Service may be by hand delivery or certified mail.