Dress Code and Security

Court Dress Code

All participants and any friends or family accompanying them to court must meet the dress code. Participants not meeting dress code will not be allowed into the courtroom.
  • Clothing must cover all undergarments for both men and women
  • No bare feet or flip flops
  • No hats, caps or bandannas
  • No obscene or profane language or illustrations on clothing or gang-related clothing
  • No tube tops, tank tops, midriff, halter tops, short shorts or any other revealing clothing
The court reserves the right to refuse to hear any case from those who fail to abide by the dress code.

Security Screening

All persons and items entering the courtroom must be screened through security. Weapons, mace, knives, sharp objects and any item deemed not appropriate will not be allowed in the courtroom or court building. All purses, bags, briefcases and backpacks must be completely emptied and hand-searched prior to entering the courtroom. If your appearance requires you to enter the courtroom you can expedite your screening process by bringing only necessary items with you.