Code Compliance

Department Responsibilities 

The City of North Richland Hills strives to be a community where all residents can enjoy the highest quality of life within safe and attractive neighborhoods. A vital component of achieving this vision is for all properties and structures to be properly maintained. Code Compliance, a division of the Neighborhood Services Department, is responsible for inspecting properties within the city to ensure they comply with health and safety codes. By working together with residents, the Code Compliance Division helps ensure that North Richland Hills will continue to be an attractive and safe community for future generations.

Code Compliance Officers

When a code violation is found, a Code Compliance Officer will encourage voluntary compliance and work out a schedule for correction that is both feasible for the property owner and considerate of the surrounding community. Should voluntary compliance prove ineffective or impossible, however, a property owner may be subject to a citation or other action by the City of North Richland Hills.


The Code Compliance Division offers assistance to residents in need through the Neighborhood Initiative Program.

Report a Concern

Report a code violation or concern online.