Citizen Survey

North Richland Hills’ Resident Satisfaction Survey is conducted every other year to measure what residents think about the quality of life in our community, as well as the services that the city provides. The survey helps City Council and staff identify where improvements need to be made and plan for the future. 

Make Your Voice Heard! 

Do you have one minute a month to help us make North Richland Hills even better? In addition to our biennial survey, the City of North Richland Hills has teamed up with FlashVote to gather valuable input from residents more frequently. Every couple of months, FlashVote will send a quick, one-minute survey to registered NRH participants. Input gathered will be used to help City officials and staff make more-informed decisions that better serve the community. 

Survey data is completely anonymous and personal/demographic information collected by FlashVote will not be shared with the City. You can choose how you’d like to take the survey, whether it’s via email, text message, or phone call and you’ll receive a notification whenever there is a new survey available. Participants will have 48 hours to complete a survey. 

Make your voice heard by signing up today at!

2023 Survey 

The 2023 survey was conducted by National Service Research of Fort Worth in October and November 2023. All NRH residents were invited to take the survey online. To reach members of the community who may not be actively following us online, a postcard invitation was mailed to 10,000 randomly selected NRH households. The survey was completed by 1,668 residents and has a margin of error of 2.9%.  While overall scores dipped slightly this year, a majority of residents continue to rate most city services high.

Quality of Life

  • 88% of the survey respondents rated the quality of life in North Richland Hills as excellent or good.
  • 87% would recommend NRH to a friend or family member as a good place to live and 81% plan to remain in NRH for several years.
  • More than half (57%) rated the overall quality of services versus the taxes paid as excellent or good.

Public Safety Services

  • 97% rated fire service as excellent or good.
  • 95% rated ambulance service as excellent or good.
  • 88% rated police service as excellent or good.
  • 78% rated the feeling of safety in their neighborhood as excellent or good.

Water Service / Trash Collection

  • 90% rated recycling collection as excellent or good.
  • 90% rated garbage collection as excellent or good.
  • 85% rated water service as excellent or good.

Public Works

  • 56% rated maintenance of major streets as excellent or good.
  • 47% rated maintenance of residential streets as excellent or good. 
  • Davis Boulevard, which is a state roadway maintained by TxDOT, was identified as the street most in need of improvement. Glenview Drive, Iron Horse Boulevard and Lariat Trail were the top city streets needing improvement. All 3 are being reconstructed this year as part of the city’s 2020 Street Bond Program. 

Community & Neighborhood Services

  • 96% rated library services as excellent or good.
  • 88% rated parks, trails and open spaces as excellent or good.
  • 86% rated special events as excellent or good.
  • 85% rated recreation programs as excellent or good.
  • 74% rated animal control as excellent or good.
  • 62% rated code enforcement as excellent or good.

Economic Development

  • Businesses residents would like to see more of in NRH include: full-service restaurants (70%), recreation/entertainment (36%), grocery stores (36%) and general retail (29%). 


  • 76% of residents say they get enough information about city programs and services. 
  • Residents prefer to get information from the city by e-mail/e-newsletter (48%), social media (46%), printed newsletters (46%),  text message notifications (37%), water bill inserts (30%) and the city's website (30%).

Survey Reports

Contact Us

While the citizen survey is conducted once every other year, citizen input is welcome and appreciated any time. View our online directory to find contact information for the City Council and city departments.