Political Signs

Neighborhood Services is responsible for handling concerns/complaints regarding political signs that are considered a safety or traffic hazard.  City staff will contact candidate to advise him/her of sign(s) deemed to be a safety or traffic hazard. 

  • If a sign is considered a safety or traffic hazard, city staff will contact the candidate to inform him/her to remove the sign(s).
    • Candidates have 24 hours to remove the sign(s)
  • Signs deemed to be a safety or traffic hazard will be laid down
    • Candidates have 24 hours to remove or relocate sign(s)
    • After 24 hours, city staff will remove sign(s)
    • Sign(s) will be available for seven (7) calendar days at City Hall, Neighborhood Services Department
    • Sign(s) not picked up within seven (7) calendar days will be disposed

A political sign is a sign that contains primarily a political message, has an effective area of 36 square feet or less, is no more than eight feet in height, is not illuminated, and has no moving elements.

No permit shall be required for any political sign as defined above.  Signs with primarily political messages which do not meet the definition shall not be allowed unless with a permit subject to other sign requirements.

  • Political signs shall be allowed in all zoning districts on private property with the consent of the property owner.
  • Political signs shall not be located on any utility, light, traffic signal or sign pole.
  • A political sign shall not be illuminated or projected.

Signs and public rights-of-way

Political signs shall not be located so as to cause a safety or traffic hazard. Signs within public right-of-way which, in the opinion of the director of public works or his designee constitute a safety or traffic hazard may be relocated if feasible or removed without prior notice.

Political signs shall not be placed on public property or within any federal, state or local public right-of-way. 

Exception: political signs less than three feet in height and with no more than six square feet of sign face on any side may be placed in public right-of-way, other than a median, with no portion of such sign closer than three feet from the back of the curb, or, if no curb, from the edge of the pavement of streets classified by the city's thoroughfare plan as arterial P6D, M6D, M4D, P7U, M5U or M4U or collectors classified as C4U or C2U as long as sign(s) is not placed in right of way adjacent to an occupied residence or adjacent to publicly owned land other than a road.

No sign shall be placed within 30 feet of an identical sign. Signs shall not extend over the sidewalk or street.

Non-compliant signs

Political signs placed or remaining in public right-of-way may be removed by municipal workers or contractors without notice.

If you have concerns, call 817-427-6650. 

 The Texas Ethics Commission (TEC) is responsible for handling complaints regarding political advertising and campaign contributions.  If you have concerns or questions, call 512-463-5800.