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1. How do I activate water service?
2. Why is the billing date different each month?
3. Why is my bill forwarded each month?
4. Do you estimate my bill? I can tell no one has raised the lid on my meter box.
5. Why is my bill so high?
6. Will the City credit my bill if I have a leak?
7. Where can I pay my bill?
8. Is there a charge to pay my bill with a credit or debit card?
9. Can I sign up to have my bill automatically debited from my credit card?
10. Can I pick the date that my account is to be drafted?
11. My water looks funny and has a strange taste, is it drinkable?
12. Can I get a discount when I fill my swimming pool?
13. How do I calculate the cost to fill my swimming pool?
14. Will the City provide trash containers?
15. Will the City accept a temporary check as payment of the bill?
16. How do I check for a water leak?