Seismic Surveying

In an effort to accurately map gas-producing layers of the earth, Chesapeake Energy has contracted with Dawson Geophysical to perform seismic surveying throughout our city. The seismic surveys will be conducted in the northern part of North Richland Hills in December 2011 and will proceed southward through the remainder of the city in January and February 2012. This testing requires permits from the city and third-party monitoring.

During the survey, Dawson Geophysical will place a cable in the parkway that includes geophones (seismic listening devices) staked in the ground and an occasional small box called an RSR (Remote Seismic Recorder) box. Once the cable is laid out, it will stay on the ground for 3 to 4 weeks.

A police escorted convoy of specialized trucks (called Vibroseis Trucks) will then drive down the street, stop at selected points, lower a pad to the ground and create downward traveling sound energy. The convoy stops at each point for approximately 4 minutes. This process allows for accurate mapping of the Barnett Shale in an effort to provide more extensive and effective drilling from each gas drill site.

Seismic cables will be placed in the parkway area only in front of properties that have signed mineral leases or a seismic survey agreement. As part of granting mineral leases each property owner is also granting the right to conduct seismic surveying adjacent to their property.
seismic cables and listening devices
Seismic Cables & Recorders

Convoy of Vibroseis Trucks
Convoy of Vibroseis Trucks

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Get more information about seismic surveys and see a video of how seismic exploration works from the Chesapeake Energy website. Please call the Dawson Geophysical Hotline 817-944-3859 or 817-454-6780, or Lead Agent Justin Adams at 575-491-1102, with any questions regarding gas seismic surveying.