Gas Drilling & Production

The City of North Richland Hills is one of many North Texas cities that sits above the Barnett Shale natural gas field. Over the past several years, the Barnett Shale has become one of the busiest natural gas fields in the country with drilling and production activity taking place in Tarrant, Denton, Johnson, Parker and Wise counties. The Barnett Shale is estimated to contain 26 to 30 trillion cubic feet of gas, which means the development and production of this important natural resource is likely to continue for many years.

Gas Drilling & Production Ordinance

The Gas Drilling & Production Ordinance ordinance establishes regulations to ensure public safety and minimize the impact of drilling and production activities on the city's residents and environment. It requires companies to obtain permits and inspections from the city for all gas well drilling and production sites. It also addresses distance requirements and issues such as noise, screening and landscaping. The city's regulations are in addition to the regulations that are already imposed by the state and federal governments. To view the ordinance online, view the North Richland Hills Code of Ordinances, Chapter 104.